The Victoria Independent Film Professionals Association is a non-profit association of independent film professionals based on Vancouver Island. Actively involved in the development of award-winning film and television production, ViFPA members are creators of documentaries, television series, dramatic films, educational programming and animation.

Established in 1999, ViFPA currently represents over 30 independent film producers and production companies in our region. Our members have worked with both national and international broadcasters, including the Knowledge Network, CBC, APTN, CTV, Vision TV, PBS, the Discovery Channel, The History Channel and many others. Our programs have brought home many honours and awards, including Geminis, Emmy nominations, and international film festival awards.

Formed with the intention of providing Victoria film producers with opportunities to bolster their professional relationships and share information with other likeminded people, members meet regularly to talk about ideas and information about what is happening in the industry.

We organize several networking events at different locations, such as the famous "NO Pitch, NO Bitch" event at the Banff Television Festival, and member screenings at the Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival. ViFPA has hosted numerous professional development workshops, like the annual "Meet the Broadcasters" and "How to Pitch your Film Idea" with film and television agencies, partners, and funding bodies such as the National Film Board of Canada and British Columbia Film.

In our ongoing effort to foster the growth of the indigenous production industry on Vancouver Island, we have made presentations to the provincial government to extend the documentary exclusion in the Film and Television Tax Credit to include the regional credit. In 2000, ViFPA successfully intervened during the CRTC hearings, which led to the favorable decision to award a new Vancouver Island station (The New VI) to CHUM Television. This also led to a significant broadcaster commitment to work with island producers.

ViFPA recognizes that many people in the film and television community on Vancouver Island still have little alternative but to leave the island to look for work. There is strength in numbers, and by getting to know one another, sharing our knowledge, our services, our concerns, we may together foster the continued development of the Vancouver Island film and television industry.